* Central Piedmont Sierra Club Position on ReVenture

We would like to make sure that all are clear on the position of the Central Piedmont Sierra Club Group regarding the proposed ReVenture Park development.

We are not opposed to the ReVenture Park development. In fact, we have spoken publicly in support of several aspects of the proposed development and will continue to do so. There are also several proposed elements that sound very promising and, given additional information, we will probably be able to support. Where we disagree with the ReVenture team is the proposed burning of our municipal solid waste and compostable materials (i.e. yard waste) as a solution for our waste management challenges. After extensive review and consultation, we are confident that the economic, environmental and public health data shows that a gasification incinerator is not in the best interest of our community.

The following materials clearly present our position on various aspects of the ReVenture Park development and can provide you referenced documentation on the various issues:

We are also concerned that many important details of the ReVenture plan are not yet available and that letters of support, tentative binding agreements and other critical decisions were made without full economic impact and analysis, full consideration of environmental, health and community impact, and without public input into the decision making process and exploration of alternative strategies for utilizing our “waste”.

This why we have formed Incinerator Free Mecklenburg and hope that you will join us in our efforts!

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