* The Definition of an Incinerator

“What is an Incinerator?”

Since there seems to be some confusion on this, we sent a message (clink on link below) to the Mecklenburg County leadership. A similar message was sent to Mayor Foxx, Mr. Walton and Charlotte City Council Members, Town Manager Welch, Mayor Biggers and Town of Mint Hill Board of Commissioners, Town Manager Roberts, Mayor Tarte and Cornelius Town Board of Commissioners, Town Administrator Rose, Mayor Fowler and Pineville Town Council, Town Manager Ferguson, Mayor Swain and Town of Huntersville Commissioners, Town Manger Brice, Mayor Woods and Town of Davidson Board of Commissioner, Town Manager Blodgett, Mayor Taylor and Town of Matthews Board of Commissioners.

You may want to contact your elected officials and let them know that you know what an incinerator is and what another incinerator will do to Mecklenburg County.

BOCC Definition of an Incinerator

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