* “The Hidden Costs of Burning Our Waste” Presentation

On Friday, November 19, the Central Piedmont Sierra Club made a presentation to the Mecklenburg County Waste Management Advisory Board (WMAB) ReVenture Advisory Council (RAC). The presentation focused on the issues related to incinerators, various technologies, permitting requirements, and the economic, public health, public safety, and environmental issues surrounding the proposed ReVenture waste incinerator.

We were extremely impressed with the knowledge and expertise of many of the Council members. We were equally impressed with the depth of questioning and the many issues and concerns that were identified. The Sierra Club wishes to recognize and thank the WMAB and the RAC for their leadership and public service in carefully reviewing this proposed project.

We encourage the members of the WMAB, RAC, elected officials, city and county staff and concerned citizens to review the slide of this presentation for a greater understanding of the risks associated with the proposed ReVenture waste incinerator that would burn our garbage, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, and sewage sludge for the next twenty years.

The Sierra Club would welcome the opportunity to present this information to elected officials, businesses, neighbor organizations or other citizens groups.

The Hidden Cost RAC Nov 19

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