* ReVenture Deal is a BIG DEAL for Mecklenburg

Many thanks to the Mecklenburg Times for their email blast and coverage of this issue!

BREAKING NEWS: Sierra Club says ReVenture land swap dead

By Mecklenburg Times staff reports
Published: December 10, 2010
Time posted: 3:14 pm

The Central Piedmont Sierra Club said Friday it has learned that the proposed land swap deal between the city of Charlotte and ReVenture Park is dead and that the city is considering now paying ReVenture $6.1 million for land to build a wastewater-treatment plant.

The city and Forsite Development, ReVenture’s developer, could not be immediately reached for comment.

To read Sierra’s Club’s press release, click here.

The original plan for ReVenture, an 667-acre eco-industrial park proposed for western Mecklenburg County, called for a land swap between the city and ReVenture, Sierra Club says in its release, adding that under the deal the city would swap the Statesville Avenue landfill site for a portion of the ReVenture site in order to build a wastewater-treament facility.

“In a surprise move, it was disclosed yesterday that ReVenture has abandoned the former Statesville Avenue landfill site as a location for receiving all of the garbage from the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and processing it into a fuel,” the Sierra Club said in its release. “According to the developer, the site was rejected because it would take too long to obtain the necessary permits.”

ReVenture is slated for the  former Clariant Corp. chemical plant site. The location along the Catawba River is a Superfund site, a federal designation given to heavily contaminated areas that pose health and environmental risks.

Plans call for building a gasification plant to turn the county’s trash into fuel that would be sold to power homes.

Check back with The Mecklenburg Times’ website for updates to this story.

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