* ReVenture Trying to Avoid Zoning Review

Please make a call or send an email to your City Council member today!

It appears that a special zoning language change is being considered, Rezoning Petition 2010-079,  that would allow for special consideration of an “Eco-industrial facility” (see below).

As reported by Susan Stabley of the Charlotte Business Journal, such a change could remove Charlotte City Council’s  review of the site on our behalf in this important decision. “Because the new use ‘eco-industrial facilities’ will be added as a new use in the I-1 and I-2 zoning district, the ReVenture site will not need rezoning, as long as they meet the prescribed conditions,” says Sandra Montgomery, a city planning coordinator.”

The Central Piedmont Sierra Club feels that this is unacceptable and has sent a request to the planning and zoning committee that the Rezoning Petition 2010-079 be withdrawn or denied.

ReVenture Park Rezoning

We have also asked Charlotte City Council to “take any and all appropriate action to have the Rezoning Petition 2010-079 withdrawn or denied.”

Read our comments and rationale below…

ReVenture Zoning Petition Comments and Rationale

Please make a call or send an email to your City Council member today

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