* Sierra Club Presents ReVenture Key Findings Report to Waste Management Advisory Board

Plant will turn Mecklenburg County into test lab

“But for the Charlotte region, the big question centers on emissions and exactly what they will be at the ReVenture plant. After all, Charlotte’s air quality is already the worst in the state; any additional emissions are cause for concern… Still, the Charlotte region won’t know the true volume of emissions at the plant until it’s up and running.”

Deon Roberts, Editor

The Mecklenburg Times


On February 1, 2010 the Central Piedmont Sierra Club presented hardcopy and an electronic file copy of a report to the Mecklenburg County Waste Management Advisory Board addressing issues and concerns related to various elements of the ReVenture gasification incinerator and dirty MRF project. The 161 page “ReVenture Key Findings Report” covered an analysis and review of economic, scientific and medical information related to a decision by Mecklenburg County to move forward on this project.

The “ReVenture Key Findings Report” encompassed two parts:

  • Part I – An Overview of Key Issues (Presentation made to ReVenture Advisory Council)

§         Overview of the Project

§         Economic Costs

§         Public Health Costs

§         Environmental Costs

§         Recommendations

  • Part II – Detailed Comments on Each of the Key Findings Criteria of the Mecklenburg Solid Waste Advisory Board

§         ReVenture and Mecklenburg Waste Management Vision and Goals

§         Credibility of Forsite Development and their Credentials and Experience

§         Environmental Impact of ReVenture Project

§         ReVenture and Public Input

§         Risks of ReVenture Gasification Incinerator Technologies

§         Risks of ReVenture/ICM Waste Processing Plant

§         Other Considerations

Download the reports here:

ReVenture Key Findings Part I

ReVenture Key Findings Part II

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