* Trash deal in doubt…doesn’t expect to meet deadline

You’ll want to read this article about what’s happening in Wilmington. Does any of it sound familiar? Will we be reading a similar story in the weeks ahead?

“Plans to revolutionize the way solid waste is processed have likely come to an end

“Trash operations has been controversial since it was  first proposed last year”

“The process on such a large scale has never been tried before in the country.”

“From day one, I learned it wasn’t possible and that it was too good to be true

Trash deal in doubt as R3 says it doesn’t expect to meet deadline

If this story worries you, please call or email the members of the BOCC. Tell them not to rush into this decision to burn our garbage for the next twenty years. Tell them that they must have all data and complete information before they make a decision. Do it before it’s too late!

Jennifer Roberts            Chair,                704-336-2574     jennifer.roberts@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Jim Pendergraph           Vice-Chair         704-336-2472     jim.pendergraph@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Harold Cogdell              At Large            704-336-3866     harold.cogdell@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Karen Bentley                District 1           704-432-3997     karen.bentley@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Vilma Leake                  District 2           704-336-2088     vilma.leake@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

George Dunlap              District 3           704-336-4419     george.dunlap@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Dumont Clarke              District 4           704-336-3473                        dumontclarke@mvalaw.com

Neil Cooksey                District 5           704-336-5400     neil.cooksey@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov

Bill James                     District 6           704-336-2573                           Wjames@carolina.rr.com

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