* Mecklenburg Board Votes to Not Recommend ReVenture Project

The ReVenture project team does not have sufficient end-to-end waste management expertise to credibly represent the scope and long-term impacts of the project.”

~ Mecklenburg Waste Management Advisory Board

On March 14 the Mecklenburg Waste Management Advisory Board handed ReVenture a major setback to their plans to build a garbage-to-energy gasification incinerator in Mecklenburg County with a vote of no confidence in their proposal.

The Board acknowledged that ReVenture and their vendors lacked the experience or expertise to develop and/or manage the project. They also acknowledged that many issues and concerns remain unanswered. They have therefore voted to recommend that Mecklenburg County hire an independent, outside experienced vendor to undertake a study of the ReVenture project and all of its elements. They felt that the process had been so tainted by political and financial conflicts of interest that any other decision was not an option. They will also recommend that Mecklenburg County not enter into a contract with ReVenture unless a positive recommendation from the consultant is obtained.

The Central Piedmont Sierra Club wishes to acknowledge and commend the members of the Waste Management Advisory Board for their many hours of dedicated service to our community on this issue. We also applaud their courage and commitment to not move forward on this decision until all of the issues and concerns have been addressed. This is the right decision to assure that all financial, health and safety, and environmental options are considered.

The Central Piedmont Sierra Club will continue to work with other organizations, neighbor associations and citizen groups to ensure that this proposal is evaluated properly and given equal consideration in other management options. We believe that the time is right to address our full waste stream management by reducing the need for disposal through policies that incentivize recycling and composting.

Read more about the decision from:

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Bruce Henderson of the Charlotte Observer: ”Outside experts should review ReVenture Park, waste board says

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