* Duke Energy biomass venture halts work

Building a garbage-to-energy or biomass-to-energy incinerator just doesn’t make good business sense! Duke Energy knows this. Areva knows it. Shouldn’t ReVenture and Mecklenburg County know it?

John Downey of the Charlotte Business Journal reported on March 17 that:

“Adage, the joint venture of Duke Energy and Areva, has canceled plans for a biomass plant in Washington state and has suspended plans for any construction in the face of low demand for biomass energy.”

“This week, Adage decided to cancel a $250 million, 55-megawatt biomass plant in Shelton, Wash., it announced in August.”

“Last year, Adage abandoned plans to build a plant in Gretna, Fla.”

Read the full article here… Duke Energy biomass venture halts work

Write, email or call your County Commission and City Council elected officials and tell them that burning industrial waste and garbage from Mecklenburg County, Union County, Cabarrus County, Gaston County, Iredell County, and Lincoln County for the next 20 years in Mecklenburg County is a very bad idea.

Tell them we don’t need or want a gasification incinerator less than a mile from the Whitewater Elementary school, on the banks of the Catawba River, surrounded by residents that already have some of the worst air quality in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and the United States.

Tell them today or forever hold your breath…

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