* No ReVenture Gasification Incinerator, No ReVenture Garbage and Toxic Waste

So much has happened, so much has changed, and so much is unknown about the ReVenture gasification incinerator and its impact on our health, safety and environment it’s hard to know where to begin. For those that are joining us in this campaign to stop the ReVenture gasification incinerator and their dumping of their garbage and toxic waste from six counties, here are some key documents, fact sheets, presentations and materials to help you better understand the issues and concerns.

Take some time and read several of these. Then send a copy to your friends and neighbors. Then call and email your elected officials and tell them “No ReVenture Gasification Incinerator and No ReVenture Garbage and Toxic Waste”.

Central Piedmont Sierra Club Announces Position on ReVenture

July 20, 2010. The Sierra Club Central Piedmont Group and other organizations call for public hearings on ReVenture Park project. Request has been repeated numerous times. Number of Public Hearings on this, Zero.


The ReVenture Project History To Date

Through Feb 19, 2011. You’ll find copies of presentations, fact sheets, flyers, messages to elected officials and much more. Hope that this helps you better understand the issues.


Sierra Club and ReVenture Present to Mecklenburg BOCC

Feb 8. See the slide presentation. We identify safety, health and environmental impact of this project. ReVenture’s missed deadlines and failures to provide data are presented. Despite this, the Mecklenburg BOCC and Mecklenburg Solid Waste continue to push this project forward.


The Risks of Incinerators – A Science Based Analysis

On Nov 19, 2010 we provided this information to the Mecklenburg Solid Waste and the WMAB and RAC. We have also provided this information to the Mecklenburg County Commissioners. The risks of this project to our community are clear.


ReVenture Surprises City of Charlotte, Shocks Sierra Club with New Details

December 2010. ReVenture, Mecklenburg County Solid Waste and City of Charlotte discuss using the Foxhole Landfill for municipal solid waste.


ReVenture Garbage Processing Plant and Three Mile Rule

NC, unlike some states, we have no laws that would prevent incinerators or active landfills within 3 miles of schools.


CMS Leadership Requested to Investigate ReVenture Risks

Sierra Club asks CMS leadership to protect our children. No official position has been released to the public.


Charlotte Mecklenburg Leadership: West Side Schools Deserve Better Than This

Can we really be doing this to our children? To the residents? To our environment?


How Will the Proposed ReVenture Park Gasification Incinerator Impact Property Values

ReVenture has claimed that housing values will increase because of the proximity to an “eco-industrial park”.


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