* Biomass Incineration Has “Unacceptable Health Risks” and Drives Up Health Care Costs

You’ll want to download, read, and share this information about the health risks on incinerators of all types, including gasification incinerators. The proposed ReVenture gasification incinerator will impact all of Mecklenburg and Gaston counties, not just the nearby residents. We all need to say “NO” to burning our trash and industrial waste from six counties. The risks are too great.

Make a copy and share it with a friend or neighbor that you care about today!

Biomass Incineration Has “Unacceptable Health Risks” and Drives Up Health Care Costs

I. Leading medical associations and public health advocates oppose biomass incineration and are demanding an end to taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies for these facilities.

II. There is no known safe limit for emissions of particulates from biomass incineration and current regulations will not protect the public from the risk from existing and proposed facilities.

An excerpt from the Florida Medical Association:

The Florida Medical Association urges state government to adopt policies to minimize the approval and construction of new incinerators including mass-burn, gasification, plasma, pyrolysis, biomass, refuse derived fuel and other incinerator technologies, and to develop a plan to retire existing outdated incinerators.

Download here Biomass Combustion Medical Statements

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