* Mecklenburg Waste Mangement Advisory Board ReVenture Report

Below are slides taken directly from the Waste Management Advisory Board (WMAB) Report on ReVenture. The WMAB and the ReVenture Advisory Council (RAC) were requested to prepare a findings report and recommendation by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). After almost six months of work on this report with numerous committee meetings, extensive review of literature, presentations from ReVenture and other parties, the WMAB was not given the opportunity to present their findings to the BOCC in a public forum for review, discussion and comment. We believe this to be a disservice to these citizen volunteers that invested significant personal time, energy and commitment to developing this report. The Sierra Club Central Piedmont Group wishes to recognize and thank the members of the WMAB and the RAC for their service to our community. We hope that the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners will allow them the opportunity to present the full report in a public forum for all to see and hear.

WMAB ReVenture Report Risks and Concerns

The full report (excluding references, appendices and financial analysis which have not been made public) is available for download at Meck BOCC Agenda Attachment April 5, 2011

Please call or email your Mecklenburg County Commissioner and ask for a public meeting to hear, review and discuss this information and findings. Ask them to put transparency and openness back into the decision making process.

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