* Site for State’s First Poultry Waste Incinerator Chosen – Uwharrie National Forrest, Morrow Mountain State Park, and Lake Tillery Area

Talk about a “Fowl” decision”! Progress Energy has recently signed an agreement with Poultry Power USA, a brand new company that has no experience with poultry waste incineration. In fact, they don’t have a website or logo yet. If you would like to help them come up with a logo, they are having a contest (“Poultry Power” USA Logo Design Contest).

It seems that Poultry Power USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Frontiers Energy (http://www.researchviews.com/energy/power/biopower/DealReport.aspx?sector=Biopower&DealID=164281). How much experience does Green Frontiers Energy have? Their website “About” page says “Coming soon” http://www.greenfrontiersenergy.com/about/  . Their portfolio page says “Coming soon” http://www.greenfrontiersenergy.com/portfolio/ . The two co-founders have extensive experience in the restaurant business and investment banking.

And where do they want to build it? Just outside of Biscoe, NC in Montgomery County. Right beside a wonderful NC resource, the Uwharrie National Forrest. Not far from Morrow Mountain State Park, a well kept secret a little over an hour from Charlotte. Not far from beautiful Baden Lake and Lake Tillery.

Take a few moments and read up on poultry waste incineration:

Biomass, garbage, sewage sludge and other incinerators are trying to spring up across America. The good news, communities are fighting them and winning. Once the word gets out, I expect to see feathers flying! More to come…

Progress Energy signs contract for first poultry waste-to-biogas plant


Fowl power: Progress Energy to produce power from poultry waste


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