* Did Mecklenburg County Violate the Foxhole Agreement?

The Sierra Club Central Piedmont Group has obtained copies of the June 28, 1999 GRACE (Group Responsible for a Clean Environment) and Mecklenburg County Settlement Agreement and the Amended and Restated Settlement Agreement (see below to download the full agreements). A review of these documents raises the question of if Mecklenburg County, in their rush to push through an accommodation for the ReVenture gasification incinerator, violated this standing agreement with area residents.

On April 5th, Mecklenburg Solid Waste Department bypassed the review, input and endorsement of three citizen boards and advisory councils, the Waste Management Advisory Board, The ReVenture Advisory Council and the Foxhole Advisory Council, to approve a $15 million expansion of the Foxhole landfill and to allow ReVenture to dispose of their pass through municipal solid waste, commercial waste and industrial waste as well as their ash and incinerator residues at Foxhole

Two items from the Settlement Agreement are of significant concern and raise questions about the appropriateness of the decision:

1. The Agreement calls for the Foxhole Advisory Committee to review “landfill development and operations plans”. Did Mecklenburg County violate the terms or intent of the agreement by not allowing the Foxhole Advisory Committee access to the plans to move forward with the Foxhole Landfill expansion at this time?

2. Was GRACE, area residents, and the Foxhole Advisory Council afforded proper advance notice of the decision for their approval (see Item # 7 below)? As ReVenture is seeking a permit to accept municipal solid waste, commercial waste and industrial waste from six counties, does this violate the restriction in the agreement to limit disposal to Mecklenburg, Union and Lancaster Counties?

There are other terms of the agreement that deserve review and consideration. Click here to download the full document GRACE Mecklenburg County Agreement.

We encourage the Foxhole Advisory Council to call an emergency session to begin an investigation in this matter to determine if Mecklenburg County violated the terms of this agreement and what recourse and actions might be appropriate.

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