* ReVenture Conflicts Of Interest Continue On County Waste Board

Once again conflict of interest has occurred during discussions of the ReVenture gasification incinerator and other aspects of the ReVenture Park project. And now they have occurred during ReVenture Foxhole Landfill expansion discussions and a vote by the Waste Management Advisory Board.

Read coverage of the issue by WFAE reporter Julie Rose. Be sure to read the live-time meeting  Tweets from Charlotte Business News reporter Susan Stabley that follows and documents the conflict of interest.

Isn’t it time to call and email your County Commissioner and say “Enough is Enough! NO ReVenture gasification incinerator and NO Foxhole Landfill expansion.”

More Conflicts Of Interest Under Review On County Waste Board

Julie Rose
Thursday May 19, 2011

An advisory board that oversees Mecklenburg County’s waste management efforts is once again in ethical trouble. Three members of the Waste Management Advisory Board who have direct financial conflicts of interest with the ReVenture project failed to recuse themselves from discussion during a meeting held on Tuesday.

A county attorney had previously advised board members with conflicts to excuse themselves from the table when ReVenture discussion arose.

“While we’ve been assured that this process would continue in a clear and transparent manner, that’s not happening,” says the Sierra Club’s Bill Gupton – an outspoken opponent of the ReVenture trash-to-energy power plant proposal.

County Attorney Marvin Bethune is now looking into possible ethics violations at the Waste Management Advisory Board for the second time.

Earlier this year, the board was scheduled to make a recommendation on the ReVenture project to the County Commission. But that didn’t happen because the board’s work had been compromised by the participation of several members with a financial interest in the county’s decision.

Two advisory board members are paid consultants of ReVenture. A third works for Republic, which owns the Speedway Landfill and would lose business if the county sends its trash to ReVenture instead.


Stabley Tweets WMAB Meeting May 16, 2011

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

There’s about half the chairs available as there usually is over at the solid waste meeting. #foxhole #ReVenture

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Calor’s Rich Deming updating waste management board about the Orbit project. Says they’ve been talking to Duke about a PPA. #cltbiz #biomass

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Deming getting asked about #ReVenture (he’s consultant for project) and he’s just asked if he should recuse himself since he’s board member.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Daryle Benson said it was ok for Deming to talk about solar part of ReVenture. Now, solid waste director Gledhill updating #ReVenture study.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Gledhill says a pre-qualification meeting on the outside review of #ReVenture project will be Thursday. Several firms responded.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Background on the #ReVenture independent review. http://bit.ly/jKf2Tm

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Question before the Waste Mgt. Advisory Board: what role does the #Foxhole board have in this process? #ReVenture

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Gledhill says there’s been “a few missteps in timing.” Adds: “There is absolutely nothing hidden at this point.” #Foxhole #Reventure

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Vice-chair Allison Warren says #Foxhole Landfill Advisory Council to get citizen input from all parts of the county. #ReVenture

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Warren: Waste management is a very complex, multi-faceted issue. #Foxhole #ReVenture

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Board member Linda Ashendorf (who works for Republic) notes many don’t realize that #Foxhole is already permitted for residential waste.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Landfills of a certain size (like #Foxhole) that take Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) are required to get a Title V air pollution permit.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Open discussion part of waste board meeting. Bill Gupton of Sierra Club steps up to make comments on EPA and NC hearings on #ReVenture site.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Steven Rush of Foxhole advisory council wants to know if #meckbocc can undo earlier approval on #Foxhole taking ash from #ReVenture.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Not sure about how #meckbocc handles conflicts – but during #ReVenture/#Foxhole debate – Ashendorf, Deming and Frazier stayed in seats.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Warren: This board can’t ask #meckbocc to rescind anything. Only serve as advisory role. #foxhole #reventure

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Warren: “We had no role in that” regarding #ReVenture application for using #Foxhole for ash. Board approves statement on that matter.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Board member and Ollie Frazier ( of Calor, #ReVenture consultants) second’d that motion but was told he can’t. Statement passed, btw.

CBJgreennews Susan Stabley

Waste Management Advisory Board is over. #foxhole #reventure #meckbocc

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