* Incinerator Free Mecklenburg – Two Down, One to Go

It’s now no longer appropriate for the county and ReVenture to be proceeding together.”

Bruce Gledhill, Mecklenburg Solid Waste Director

It appears very likely that the deal to burn 370,000 tons of Mecklenburg County garbage will soon be trashed. In a May 23 press release, Mecklenburg Solid Waste has indicated that they will recommend that the County not spend $100,000 on a ReVenture vetting process and that the deal for the county garbage be withdrawn.

ReVenture Press Release 5-23-11

Unfortunately, ReVenture has announced that they will attempt to continue developing their 1980’s gasification incinerator using garbage, commercial and industrial waste from a private hauler source. A project that was once touted as a “green” source of energy of up to 80 megawatts has “evolved” into a 10 megawatt lemon. They have announced that they are canceling plans (for now) for one of the gasification incinerator units. It appears that they will also be looking to dump their excess garbage, pass through materials, residuals and toxic ash in a private landfill. Many unanswered questions about the project remain. See the local media coverage below.

With the recent announcement that the BMWNC medical waste incinerator has been closed and is in the process of being decommissioned (see “Recognition of Leadership on BMWNC Medical Waste Incinerator

http://charlottesierraclub.org/2011/05/24/recognition-of-leadership-on-bmwnc-medical-waste-incinerator/ ), another incinerator will soon be out of Mecklenburg County.

In a region with compromised ozone air quality, we don’t need a gasification incinerator located near to schools, neighborhoods, parks, trails and an endangered Catawba River. A meeting planned by the Northwest Community Organization for Thursday, May 26, to discuss the ReVenture project is still on because the same risks for our community will exist from an unproven technology developed by a Limited Liability Company with no previous experience in waste management. See “Community Meeting on ReVenture Incinerator, May 26, 7:30 PM” https://incineratorfreemecklenburg.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/community-meeting-on-reventure-incinerator-may-26-730-pm/ .

BMWNC medical waste incinerator – closed.

ReVenture 10 MW of garbage burning – canceled.

Two down, one to go for an Incinerator Free Mecklenburg

Media coverage of announcement

ReVenture ‘evolves’ again; community meeting Thursday


ReVenture drops county waste deal, shrinks power-plant project
Mecklenburg County officials say ReVenture Park’s developers have scaled back their waste-to-energy power plant project and won’t use the county’s

County: Foxhole won’t get ReVenture’s waste
South Charlotte Weekly
In a press release, county officials say ReVenture’s developer, Forsite Development Inc., will scale back the size of the proposed park from a 20-megawatt ..

ReVenture project scaled back
Charlotte Observer
By Bruce Henderson and April Bethea ReVenture Park will scale back the size of its proposed power plant and won’t fuel it with Mecklenburg County trash,

ReVenture Park plans scaled back WBTV 3 News Weather Sports and
Plans for a proposed ReVenture Park waste-to-energy plant have been scaled back according to the Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services

ReVenture Trash-To-Electricity Plant Downsizes Again


Developer downsizes ReVenture Park plan

Electricity production cut from 20 to 10 megawatts; Foxhole landfill won’t be used.


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