* Springfield Mass Revokes Permit for 35 MW Biomass Plant

Another community says NO to a biomass incinerator. The permit was revoked because citizens organized and got accurate information and facts to their elected officials.  Read about the ruling from one of the citizen groups here:

Springfield Mass Revokes Permit for 35 MW Biomass Plant

On Monday night (5/24/11), the Springfield, MA City Council voted to revoke the special permit that was issued 3 years ago to build a 35 MW wood burning biomass power plant in the middle of Springfield, MA, by a margin of 10-2.

This proposed wood burning incinerator would have emitted carbon dioxide and particulate matter at a higher rate than a 50 year old coal plant, added hundreds of tons of annual air pollution to an already polluted city, threatened forests, inefficiently burned any clean “waste” wood that may exist, increased the threat of spreading invasive pests and pathogens across the state, wasted literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of valuable “clean” energy public subsidies, and yet would have produced only 0.25% more electric for Massachusetts, power that is not even needed.

The developers who have said they would never do anything to harm the citizens of Springfield, have now promised to sue the city for about $50 million dollars in large part to “recoup” money they would have gotten from taxpayers subsidies if the incinerator was built.  The game for this incinerator is not completely over, but much closer to being so.

For more on the story, listen to:


While the state gave the green light to burning more wood that the entire commercial timber harvest in Massachusetts in the middle of a city with already failing air quality without even requiring an Environmental Impact Report, a local activist group Stop Toxic Incineration in Springfield  www.springfieldincinerator.info/  and the Springfield City Council proved that an active citizenry, democracy and courageous public officials who represent the health and interests of their constituents over a fatter bank account for developers still lives on in some quarters!

There are still 2, possibly 3, large tree burning power plants proposed for western MA, so the work goes on, but finally the truth about tree burning biomass has gotten its shoes tied and is catching up to the lies that are halfway around the world!


Massachusetts Forest Watch
Speak Up For The Trees!

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