* Greenpeace Trashes Biomass

Greenpeace Trashes Biomass

by Josh Schlossberg

Nov. 2, 2011: Greenpeace Canada released a report condemning burning Canada’s forests for biomass electricity and biofuels. The report, “Fueling a Biomess: Why Burning Trees for Energy Will Harm People, the Climate, and Forests,” demonstrates how forest bioenergy is a step in the wrong direction for sound economic and environmental energy policy and “cannot and should not replace fossil fuels on a large-scale.”

The report debunks the “the illusion of carbon-neutrality,” cites air pollution concerns, and concludes that “electricity production from forest biomass is inefficient, while transforming trees into biofuels for transportation will mean impacting vast areas of forests.”

Greenpeace calls for the Canadian government to “suspend the approval of new bioenergy proposals and conduct a review of existing projects, their wood allocations, and their impacts on communities, climate and forests.”

Other Greenpeace demands include banning the logging and burning of whole trees for biomass energy: “whether commercial, non-commercial, burned or diseased, standing trees should not be used for energy.”

Source: THE BIOMASS MONITOR  – December 2011 [eNewsletter][PDF]

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