* ReVenture Incinerator Plans Are Back – Keep Mecklenburg Incinerator Free

Just when you thought that it might be safe to breathe in western Mecklenburg County in the future, ReVenture now says that they want to resume plans to build an incinerator complex – TWO INCINERATORS!

John Downey, Senior Staff Writer for the Charlotte Business Journal, recently reported that ReVenture was ready to build its biomass incinerator in Mecklenburg County.

“Plans are back on for a biomass plant at the ReVenture Park, with developer Tom McKittrick building a 1.4-megawatt plant using technology developed by a Locust company. The plant is slated start producing power as soon as mid-January.”

“ReVenture already has signed a contract to sell municipal power supplier ElectriCities 60,000 poultry credits in 2013. That will be almost the entire output of the 1.4-megawatt plant.”

ReVenture had promised that their air permit for the site would be one of the most thoroughly reviewed permits and that there would be public hearings on the permit.

“With that contract in hand and with the plant’s air-quality permit already issued by Mecklenburg County, McKittrick says he hopes to start construction in December.”

For those that may have forgotten about the history of ReVenture, see the Sierra ClubReVenture Key Findings – Part II, Detail Comments on Each of the Key Findings Criteria of the Mecklenburg Solid Waste Management Advisory Board”.

“McKittrick’s ReVenture project has been largely out of the news since long negotiations to sell power and credits from a proposed biomass plant to Duke ended unsuccessfully in the spring. But in an interview Wednesday, he said work has continued on several projects proposed for the 667-acre clean-energy park, to be built on a former Superfund site along the Catawba River.”

Who would want to buy a home next to TWO INCINERATORS?

“ReVenture also has purchased 578 acres adjacent to the energy park to build an eco-friendly residential development.”

ReVenture had promised that they would make details of the project public. We’ve seen this over and over as ReVenture has changed their FUEL SOURCE and their TECHNOLOGY again and againReVenture Abandons “State-of-the-Art Incinerator Technology”.

“He declines to identify the N.C. company that developed the technology he intends to use in the 1.4-megawatt biomass plant.

ReVenture has changed their fuel source many times. Burning chicken waste is dirtier than burning coalReport: Air Pollution and Toxic Hazards Associated with Poultry Litter Incineration

In a separate filing of its own with the commission, Tucker says its project could process chicken waste into such a gas.

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