A developer has proposed a garbage incinerator for Mecklenburg County as part of a plan called ReVenture. Garbage incinerators threaten public health, our environment, and are a very costly option for managing our waste — taxpayers in the county would pay the developer $200 million over the next twenty years to burn our garbage and yard debris. Cities like San Francisco and Seattle have chosen instead to set a goal of zero waste, in which their discards are reused, recycled, and composted — viewing their “waste” as a resource rather than a liability that they must pay someone millions — with taxpayer dollars — to make disappear.

To create a community of supporters in Mecklenburg County for responsible waste management and energy creation that does not include incinerating our garbage.


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  1. Mike Overcash says:

    If you don’t want it-just say NO! Then you have to work your butts off to keep it from coming. You have to become educated by the experts, but ultimately they will not keep be the ones to stop it. You have to organize and speak loud enough that everyone hears and then they will start thinking about it and will want to become educated and they will start speaking loud. Remember that money trumps all and you have to be organized enough that that won’t matter. In 1990 a small community that I am privledged to be part of came together and organized a good part of NC to stop a Regional Hazardous Waste Incinerator from building in our beautiful farm community. We worked day and night with our neighbors and people from all over NC and raised enough money to fight and defeat the state of NC and the private company that was to build the incineraor. Don’t let them sugar coat this monster and make you believe that it is harmless. THEY LIE! Leave no stone unturned, remember everything that will be effected. From the pollunts to the trucks that will using the same highways that you do. Learn all that you can and pass it on. You will be amazed what people can do to protect what they love and have worked so hard for.

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