Health Issues

The Florida League of Conservation Voters has summary documentation on adverse effects of Biomass plants – includes documentation on effects of particulates-PM10 & PM2.5

Video ~ Dr. Edward Holifield: Black Infant Mortality in Gadsden County, Florida, Part 1

Video ~ Dr. Edward Holifield: Black Infant Mortality in Gadsden County, Florida, Part 2

“How High Does Black Infant Mortality Have to Get in Gadsden County, Florida Before People Are Concerned?”

“Particulate pollution is the most important contaminate in our air……  We know tht when particle levels go up, people die.”
Joel Schwartz, Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health

Dr. Ronald Saff: Scrap the Biomass Plant

Dr. Ronald Saff:  Reject Gainesville Biomass Plant

Medical and Health Associations Opposed to Biomass

Biomass Incineration has “Unacceptable Health Risks” and Drives Up Health Care Costs (Compilation of Anti-Biomass Statements from Medical and Health Associations)

North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians (April 2010)

Letter expressing concern about proposed poultry litter incinerators.

Physicians for Social Responsibility / Pioneer Valley (MA) (Feb 2010)
“the biomass power plants being proposed for several Pioneer Valley locations would contribute to particulate air pollution emissions in a region that already has pollution problems, and therefore we oppose the construction and operation of such plants”

Massachusetts Medical Society (Feb 2010)
“Massachusetts Medical Society believes that biomass combustion electricity generation plants pose an unacceptable public health risk…”

Florida Medical Association (Dec 2009)
“the Florida Medical Association urges state government to adopt policies to minimize the approval and construction of new incinerators including mass-burn, gasification, plasma, pyrolysis, biomass, refuse-derived fuel and other incinerator technologies, and to develop a plan to retire existing outdated incinerators”

American Lung Association (MA) (Nov 2009)
Letter opposing renewable energy credits or any other preferential treatment for biomass in energy or climate legislation.

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (Nov 2009)
Testimony in Opposition to the Building of a Construction and Demolition Wood Waste Incinerator in Springfield, MA

Letter about Medical Opposition to Biomass in Climate Legislation (Oct 2009)

American Lung Association (June 2009)
“The Lung Association urges that the [climate] legislation not promote the combustion of biomass.”

Erie County (PA) Medical Society Statement on Proposed Tire Incinerator (July 2008)

The Energy Justice Network: The Burning Issues With Biomass



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